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The theme of the lesson: Cities of Canada.

The Aims of the lesson:

Educational: To consolidate and generalize knowledge of students on the theme; to enrich students’ knowledge about cities of Canada.

Practical aim: To develop pupils’ habits and skills on speaking, writing, reading through giving some tasks.

Cultural aim: To increase interest in cities of Canada, to develop and enrich cultural knowledge about Canada.

Visual aids: grammar scheme, posters, pictures, slides.

Procedure ofthe lesson.

Organization moment: 1.Greeting.

2. Conversation with pupils on duty.

Warm –up.

Look at the numbers concerning to Canada. What do they mean?

1759 33 2 400 1931 10 10000


Complete the sentences.

  1. Canada is————- state. (an independent federal parliamentary)

  2. Each province has ————— (its own government and parliament)

  3. Parliament of Canada consists of ————— (two houses)

  4. Senators are appointed by———— (the Governor General)

  5. The cabinet system of Canada Units ———-(the legislative and the executive branches)

  6. The cabinet consists of ———— (20 or more ministers)

Group work.

“Toronto” is for the first group.

“Ottawa” is for the second group.

Read the text.

Presentation of posters.

  1. Where is it situated?

  2. When was it founded?

  3. What are the famous buildings?

  4. What is it famous for?

  5. How many people live there?

  6. What is its most popular sight?

  7. What kind of climate does it have?

Grammar Practice.

We use Zero Conditional for something that always happens or is always true, including scientific facts. In both clauses we use Present Simple.

You feel more secure if you have friends.

We can also use the conditional to tell somebody what to do if something else happens.

If you feel lonely, give me a call.


Think vain.

  1. Noun

  2. Adjective + noun

  3. Three verbs

  4. A sentence

  5. Synonym

Wrap – up.

The time is over and we must do conclusion. Please, answer the questions: Have you liked the lesson? Why yes/ no?


Home task: Project work: Search the Internet and find more information about cities of Canada.

The teacher of English language Utegenova A.

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